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Vertical ED treatment shock wave therapy machine

Quick Details

Place of Origin:  Guangzhou China

Model Number:  JS -JZ30

Operation System:  High Frequency

Type:  Other

Feature:  Detox, Weight Loss

Application:  For Commercial

Certification:  ce

After-sales Service Provided:  Online support, Video technical support

Warranty:  1 YEAR

Style:  Vertical

Keywords:  shock wave machine shockwave therapy

Product name:  shock wave therapy machine with two handles

Function:  Pain relief, ED treament

Handles:  2 Handles

Voltage:  110V/220V 50-60Hz

Output Power:  120VA

Frequency:  1-16Hz

Eneragy:  5 to 200 mJ(equivalent to 1-5 bar)

Two handles ED treatment Pain relief shock wave therapy device



Double channel shock wave therapy machineDual channel electromagnetic shockwave is a new instrument, it can treat two people at the same time, both the digital handles and non-digital handles can be used. Customers can choose according to their preferences. Double handle, dual interface, double selection. New design, unique in the world.

     --Man ED treatment                                       --Suitable for systemic soft tissue treatment

     --Efficient and rapid relief of pain                --Sport injuries and cellulite teatment

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1>.Frequency adjustable

2>.Energy adjustable

3>.Digital control panel

4>.real temperature of hand piece

5>.total number of impacts

6>.Button for start and stop


1>. Two handles can work at the same time

2>. More efficiently, if one handle goes wrong, the other still work

3>. Storage tank behind the machine

4>. Digital handle adjust the frequency and energy

5>. Smart C mode and P mode for choice

6>. Display real temperature and total impact counter

7>. Six different preload to choose

Shockwave has the following effects:

1> Cellular: Increase in cell membrane transmittance by improving ionic channels activity, stimulation of cell division, stimulation of cellular cytokines production.

2>Reproduction of vessels in the area of tendons and muscles: Improvement of blood circulation, increase in concentration of growth factor beta1, chemotactic, and mitogenic effect on osteoblasts.

3>Effect on nitrogen oxide system: Bone healing and remodeling.

4>Improvement of micro-circulation and metabolism.

5>Dissolution of calcified fibroblasts.

6>supports the production of collagen.

7>Reduction in tissue tension

8>Analgesic effect.


1>. Shoulder pain, calcific tendonitis;

2>. Radial or ulnar humeral epicondylitis;

3>. Trochanteric tendinitis;

4>. Waist pain or pygalgia;

5>. Patellar tendonitis;

6>. Tibial stress syndrome;

7>. Achillodynia;

8>. Plantar fascitis.

9>. fat reduction





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