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Our service

Our service

The after-sale service work is an important part of our marketing and sales work. The quality of

service provided will not only influence the company credit, but also closely relate to the safely

running of the equipment. In order to maintain the good reputation of our, Guangzhou Jinshuo Technology Co., Ltd. will strictly observe relevant national regulations about Product-Quality Law and provide high quality products with the principle of hospitable reception, enthusiastic service, quick response and prompt resolution.

We promise you that:

High quality of our products,Competitive and fair price, Good quality service Health, convenient and multi-function of our products 100% QC inspection before shipment. One year warranty.

Basic requirements of our after-sale service

1) If any operation problems occurs within the guarantee period, we shall provide on- line service

after receive the buyer’s notice in 24 hours.

2) If any quality problems occur within the guarantee period, we shall take full responsibility

and bear all the economic losses incurred.

3) If any system problems occurs out of the guarantee period, we will send a new software for

free after receive the buyer’s notice.

4) We will provide a more favorable price to the buyers who have already cooperate with us.

Your satisfaction is our pursuit. If there is any questions about our products, shipping, package etc.

Please feel free to contact us. We will try our best to solve the problems and make promise on the

good quality service for you. We can offer you best after sale service and technical support. If you

have any questions for operation or technology problems, we will reply you in 24 hours.




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