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Portable beauty equipment

  • air pressure massage machine
  • air pressure massage machine
  • air pressure massage machine
  • air pressure massage machine
air pressure massage machine air pressure massage machine air pressure massage machine air pressure massage machine

air pressure massage machine

  • Product ID:
  • Features:Weight Loss.Body Slimming
  • Weight:103kg
  • Package dimensions:210*90*80cm
  • Product description:Quick DetailsPlace of Origin:  Guangdong, ChinaModel Number:  JS-J19Type:  Vacuum Cav

Quick Details

Place of Origin:  Guangdong, China

Model Number:  JS-J19

Type:  Vacuum Cavitation System

Brand Name:  OEM

Feature:  Weight Loss

Function:  Body Slimming

Keywords:  Electro Stimulation Machine

Product name:  air pressure massage machine

Name:  Weight Loss Machine

Warranty:  lifetime Maintenance

Voltage:  110V/220V 50-60Hz

Application:  Beauty Clinic

Technology:  infrared , air pressure , electro stimulation

System:  Weight Lost

Place of original:  China

Operation System:  SUPERSONIC

Certification:  CE

New designed  Weight  loss  equipment   electro stimulation machine  air pressure de-toxin infrared therapy machine


This apparatus was carefully designed according to human bionics research, which combines functions of broken-fat, fat dissolved, lymphatic drainage, magnetic therapy of firm skin in one and using hightech means to massage, do electrotherapy and pressure therapy to get significant effect.


    Low frequency pulse electricity can stimulate the muscle to fremitus and shrink, which can decompose large quantity fat cell; Electric pads put on the points, which can adjust the function of inner body and restrain to come into be fat, to accelerate metabolism.

     Infrared ray makes a direct action on the fat structure which can release a great deal of heat energy accelerate the circulation of blood and lymph promote the metabolism speed biochemistry reaction consume AIP make catabolism of fat cells, largely decrease the fat cells

      Air bags are inflated and deflated regularly with continually changed air pressure, which can rub off, dissociate, smash the fat cells.

Beautifying Body and Skin

When weak bionic electric current stimulates sensory nerve ending in epidermis, the slack skin will be exquisite and springy.

Relaxing and Promoting Immunity

    The circulation of blood will be accelerated and muscle will be lessen

after the micro electricity works on body.

     Heat energy generated by infrared ray can lessen the tensility of

muscle relax the muscle.

Leading-in Medicine

    Stimulating the medicine absorption to reinforce healing


Other Function

Promoting curing, diminishing inflammation, keeping

calm and sleeping peacefully, etc.

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