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For Beauty Salon Use Equipment Weight 360 Cryotherapy Machine For Fat Reduce Cryotherapy Body Slimming Machine

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Description of cryotherapy EMS RF Technology:

The cryotherapy EMS RF system uniquely combines Cryo technology (cryotherapy) and EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) and RF (radio frequency weight loss). Each of the 8 cooling plates integrates cold treatment, muscle stimulation and radio frequency. cryotherapy and EMS RF run parallel and simultaneously in each plate and handpiece. 


 • Subcutaneous Fat Cells Freeze 

• Fat Cells Drain When Using Low Temperatures 

• White Fat Cells are Converted Into Brown Cells

 • No Suction Cups Required 

• Works with Temperatures Between cooling -11°C to 5°C,heating 37°C to 45°C

RF (radio frequency)

RF treatment is mainly characterized by the deep tissue

heating at 36~43℃. The continuous deep heating results in reduced adipose cells and improvement of body contouring.

Power110V-120V/220V-240V, 50/60Hz
Cryo-ems-rf Handles8 handles
Machine Display10.4 inch touch screen
Cooling SystemSemiconductor +water+air
Cryotherapy temperature5℃ to -11℃ adjustable
Heat temperature37-45℃ adjustable
Heat temperature time3 minutes
Heat temp Advantagesavoid the frostbit during cryo treatment



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